Continuous Monitoring of Your Appraisal Values

We evaluate our clients’ properties every year to monitor appraised values, condition changes, current sales, etc., with the objective of achieving the lowest appraised values.

Over 85% of our clients are on a long-term, continuing basis, in which we automatically protect their appraised values every year. Our objective is to make sure you are never over-appraised.

Our Services Include

  • Advising our clients on property tax matters as requested
  • Analyzing property value for market value and/or fair and equal
  • Filing timely property tax appeals with appropriate appraisal district
  • Attending Informal Hearings and Formal Appraisal Review Board Hearings
  • Litigation management
  • Binding Arbitration management
  • Property tax research

Assist Taxpayers with Appealing

  • Appraised Values
  • Unequal Appraisals
  • Exemptions (qualification, accuracy, timing)

We represent taxpayers throughout the entire appeal process (Research, Informal hearings, Formal ARB hearings, Litigation, Lawsuits, and Arbitration, refund follow-up,and more).

NTPTS Proprietary Data-Driven Comparative-Value Analysis System

  • Makes extensive use of data purchased from DCAD and other sources in the
    analysis process.
  • Sales selected based on the Appraisal District’s Class of Home, Neighborhood Code, Condition,
    Depreciation, Age, etc.
  • Value comparison follows the DCAD system techniques and process.
    Adjusts for Land differences, SqFt differences, DCAD Depreciation factors, etc.
  • Adjust on $/sf basis of the primary living space, excluding additional components
    and land value.
  • Alerts us to Un-Equal value vs. similar properties (not just “neighboring properties”).

Contingency-Based Fees

We work on a contingency basis; no charge whatsoever if we don’t achieve a reduction in value. In
the year that we do achieve a reduction in value, our fee is based on a percentage of the equivalent taxes of the reduction.