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Tarrant County 2018 Results

Tarrant County 2017 Results

Average Dollar Reduction - Last Year 2017

We achived reductions two and a half times larger than homeowners and other firms enabling our clients to enjoy 140% more savings.

Our Reductions vs Two Other Specific Firms

How do we get these larger reductions?

We physically attend more ARB Hearings.
In Tarrant, we attended 94 out of every 100 hearings last year; our competitors went to only 25.

We earned a reduction for 98.6% of our clients at their ARB hearings! We had the highest average success rate compared to Homeowners and Other Agents
We do not accept “Low-Ball Bulk Offers” from the Appraisal Districts, and our results prove it — Each case is unique and managed individually
Other Firms typically settle your account on a bulk basis and forfeit your Rights to further Appeal

Sample of Tarrant Reductions – 2017

Tarrant County Past Results

Tarrant News Updates -2016


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